About Us  


Supporting a cleaner environment for all is at the core of BIZUN’s activities. We are a trade company with headquarters in Prishtina, Kosovo. Our main activity is trade of lab equipment and water treatment products and additives. We serve a broad range of industries to help them use their resources more efficiently, increase their product quality, maintain the consistency of production, reduce industrial loss by maximizing the use of raw materials and processes involved. In addition, we also offer training of employees in use of the lab equipment, servicing and calibration as needed.



For Flatra Bajgora, CEO of BIZUN, today’s business is not only about succeeding. It is also about bringing value to partners and people, and being mindful of our ecological footprint on Earth. Combining her academic and professional background in accounting with her love of nature, Flatra founded BIZUN in 2009. Before that, Flatra worked in accounting and finance in the private sector. She is a certified Accountant from the Society of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Kosovo. In addition to running her company, Flatra is passionate about outdoor activities, and supports women economic empowerment initiatives in her home country, Kosovo.


Physical Address:
Str. Agim Ramadani, A2, Floor.2, No.10

Email Address: flatra@bizunllc.com

Phone Number: +377 44 103 979